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Paul was extremely insightful and accurate about the persons qualities and problems without any info from me. Also, didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. Kind man who truly wants the best for you. I think he is very close to the earth and very psychic. 5/10/2010 - raem

Rating 5 of 5 stars
excellent. how someone can do this is amazing. He didnt know me and I told nothing.

cheeky one  
Rating 5 of 5 stars
VERY good reader! He knew exactly what was going on with my situation and without hesitation. Didn't ask for names or birth dates. He is clear in his answers and leaves no question after you hang up. I would absolutely call him again and recommend him.

Rating 5 of 5 stars
Paul’s predictions have been entirely accurate so far. He is professional, focused, and precise. I very much appreciate this gifted reader and would highly recommend him. 

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I really enjoy his readings very direct and to the point. He doesn't try to keep you on the phone. Able to pick up on situation without much info. I feel his abilities are real

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Very fast in tuning into my situation. Pick up his feelings, intentions so accurately. Amazing reader. Highly recommended

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I really enjoyed the reading. Paul was able to help answer the questions I had about my current situation. The reading was very helpful to me. Thank you. 

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Great reading. Lots of details. Tuned right in. Thanks! 

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You have come to this website for a reason. It is my sincere desire to be of service to you - Paul

Vortex Tours
Hike into a vortex and using laying of hands and channeling of energy, release blockages in your chakras and energetic body. Reiki, eneregetic channeling and intuitive readings are also included during out visit to the vortex. (No hidden fees)

Intuitive Psychic Counseling in Sedona, AZ or phone
• In-person, video chat, instant messaging, and telephone consultations to assist in identifying and supporting empowering solutions. It is my role to act solely as a facilitator and it is your role to implement the choice(s) that are for your higher good and evolution.

Sedona, Arizona and distance energy healing

• In-person crystal bed therapy in Sedona, Arizona
• In-person Usui Reiki sessions to clear spiritual, emotional, mental and physical blockages
• Distance Usui Reiki channeling (works the same as in-person Usui Reiki)

Astrology Consultations and Reports
In-person, video chat, instant messaging, and telephone astrology consultations to discuss birth charts, relationships, timing of important decisions (i.e. Marriage, Buying a house, Starting a business) transits and progressions . It is possible to establish the beginning and ending dates of specific cycles in a person’s life, in a relationship, and in a business entity.

Detoxification Therapy
Ionic Foot bath therapy assists in the elimination of accumulated toxins. Based on the color of the water (after the therapy) it is possible to determine the major detoxification that has taken place.

Crystal Singing Bowls in Sedona, Arizona
Each bowl corresponds to a chakra and provides clearing and releases of any stress or blockages to the chakra we are working on.